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Harriet Speaking


Empowering and supporting your team to be the best, happiest and most successful versions of themselves, in an out of work .  

        When teams are communicating well, employees have great tools for work and life, mindsets are positive and habits are good - that's when workplaces become a great place to work. And a great place to work leads to productive, joyful, motivated employees who are thriving, healthy, productive and motivated. It is a win for everyone. 

That's where I come in. Delivering powerful, practical and thought provoking talks and workshops to inspire your employees to live and work in a way they are proud of. I pride myself on delivering bespoke programmes whether one-off or ongoing to really achieve the goals of the organisation and ensure that people are able to go away with not just new ideas, but practical action steps to move forward positively. 

Topics are varied and might include any of the following, but please get in touch to discuss your specific needs and we can work together to provide the best workshops and talks to reduce overwhelm and burnout and increase joy and productivity.


Did you know that up to 70% of people suffer with imposter syndrome? And being successful and talented does little to protect you from it. 

Don't allow your team to be held back by feelings of imposter syndrome. Empower them to feel confident whilst embracing the positives that feeling like an imposter can bring. 


Even the most engaged and cohesive teams can have problems with communication from time to time. 

Poor communication and misunderstanding is a huge factor in the way that we feel. Learning tools to communicate better, not only as a team but also in life, has far reaching and long lasting impacts that should not be underestimated.

work-life balance

Exploring small changes, habit shifts and a new way of thinking that can support us to go from feeling overburdened and stressed, to feeling a sense of balance and joy. This can be particularly powerful for those balancing busy family lives alongside their careers.


Our workplaces are ever shifting and yet most of us are ill equipped to cope with change. 

Empower your team with skills of resilience, growth mindset and adaptability so that they can thrive in a changing work place. 

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