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Conversation, inspiration and connection is what the Henley Female Network is all about. Join us for talks that inspire authentic conversations and genuine connections that expand your personal and professional network. 

How often do you give yourself an hour or two to be inspired? To learn something new? To meet new people? To strengthen old connections? At the Henley Female Network we bring women together to listen to inspiring talks. To discuss and converse about the 'big stuff' and to build connections that are meaningful both for work and life. 

Each Fourth Friday of the month, The Henley Female Network provides a safe and welcoming environment where conversations flourish, connections are forged, and friendships are born. Take time for yourself and come along to expand your personal and professional network as you connect with like-minded women who are here to support you.

Prepare to be inspired by a lineup of remarkable guest speakers who will share their journeys, successes, and lessons learned along the way. Gain invaluable insights, perspective and practical advice to navigate the challenges of everyday life, empowering you to thrive in your personal and professional endeavors.



WhenFriday 23rd February

Where: Leander Club, Henley on Thames, RG9 2LP

 Guest Speaker: Rhiane Kirkby, Content & Media Consultancy

TELLING AND SELLING YOUR STORY – the secret to truly connecting with your audience.’


Rhiane has been telling and selling stories her whole career, from her days as a print journalist and programme editor at the BBC, to now, helping businesses of all shapes and sizes communicate with the people they want, and need, to connect with. 

She always dreamed of being a journalist, but never imagined she’d end up editing iconic TV programmes, witnessing historic moments, and reporting on some of the biggest news stories of the 21st century. But that’s what happened. Now she uses the power of storytelling as a tool to help business owners (big and small) make their voice heard in an increasingly noisy world. 

“Let me take you back to childhood days, being read to at bedtime, or letting your imagination run wild in the pages of your favourite book. There’s warmth, connection, emotion, and joy in stories, so what better way to connect with and captivate your audience?”

Tickets £20 including breakfast


Introducing the Henley Female Newtwork:

🌟 Fabulous Speakers: We never shy away from big topics and have had speakers covering everything from prison rehabilitation to the menopause and from finding joy to public speaking. If you are interested in speaking about a topic that will spark authentic conversation and debate please email with the topic and how it would be relevant to our audience. 

🌟 Friendship and Business Connections: We all know how important the 'know, like and trust' factor  is in business and in our experience having real, interesting conversations is the quickest way to supercharge that genuine connection that we're all looking for. And this network isn't just about business networks, it's also all about our personal networks. It's about meeting like minded women who we enjoy spending time with both within HFN meetings, and outside of them. 

🌟 A Supportive Community: Community and connection really matters - indeed loneliness is associated with an increased risk of heart disease, depression, and cognitive decline (in one study the decline was comparable to smoking 15 cigarettes a day). So being part of a warm, welcoming and supportive community really matters. 

🌟 Supporting the Chiltern Centre: Each month at our regular monthly meeting 100% of the proceeds are donated to the Chiltern Centre to support their work to empower young people with disabilities to live life to the full. 

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