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I love people, I love getting to know and understand them, connecting and supporting them, seeing the best in them and championing them to be the best they can be. For me, that's what coaching is all about.  

I have always wanted to 'make a difference' and for 15 years that desire sent me off in to a career in the charity world. Using my marketing, relationship building and fundraising skills to support the charities I worked for has been a huge joy. Along the way I have taken risks, left great careers to travel the world, started businesses, lived in a few different countries, got married, had three children, failed, succeeded and pushed myself out of my comfort zone over and over again. 

I didn't know it at the time, but all the moments of discomfort, the tough times, the extraordinary times, the new experiences, saying goodbye to opportunities and friends and welcoming in new ones... all these things set me up with the skills I needed to live a life full of purpose and joy

Now my mission is to help you to tap into your own resources to find the skills that you need to live a life that excites you, makes you proud and fills you with joy. Because believe me the resources are there. You have had exactly the experiences you need to live with purpose, confidence and self-belief. If you're not quite there yet,  that's ok. You might just need a little support to look at things differently. A bit of help to reframe your experiences and find new learnings and strategies. A little nudge in the right direction to build your confidence. A little accountability to keep you on track.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing my clients rediscover that version of themselves that was brimming with confidence and breathe life back into that person. To see them empowered to live their life the way that makes them happy. Whatever their version of happy is. That is what lights me up. That is why I coach. Ultimately, I love my job because I get to empower people like you to find the answers

within yourself and change your life for the better.

And because I love my job, my clients get the very best of me. I am obsessed with learning and investing in myself so that I can bring the best for you.  It isn't enough just to bring my own life skills and experience to the table, I needed to have the science and art of being a certified coach, NLP and Timeline Therapy practitioner behind me too. That's why I am constantly reading books, blogs and articles, listening to podcasts, watching webinars, joining masterclasses and furthering my knowledge.


It fills me with joy to learn new things. And as luck would have it, it also makes me a better coach for you. 

If you think you'd enjoy working with me, I'd love to have a chat. So let's get started. 


  • Breakthrough Coach 

  • Timeline Therapy Practitioner 

  • NLP Practitioner 

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In a nutshell...
In no particular order I love... my husband, Marco and three children, Raffi, Callie and Anya, my parents, brother, sisters and in laws. My friends. Being part of an amazing community, coaching, drinking wine, reading, sunshine, snow, flowers, ice cream on a hot day, a good Netflix binge, travelling, learning new things, long walks in the country, random acts of kindness, a British beach, dancing badly, paddle boarding, a good debate, laughing til I cry, cooking, spotting the first snowdrops of the year... and of course, working with you

Giving Back
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