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Why what matters to you, matters

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

I've found this week a bit challenging. All those extra little jobs that Christmas brings up have coincided with me being especially tired (of course that's partly because it's winter and we're meant to slow down in winter, not speed up but that's another email for another day!). However, I've been looking out for the joy every day and even on the toughest days, there have been so many magical moments that have made me smile, laugh and feel lucky to be alive. It makes a difference on a difficult day to get to the end of it and still be able to feel joy and take pleasure in joyful moments.

This week, I am thinking about values. Values are one of those things that sound more complex than they really are. Values are just the things that are important to us. The things that come together to make us feel fulfilled. When we are living in line with our values we are likely to feel content, purposeful and joyful. However, despite this fact, most of us barely even know what our values are.

The thing is that knowing our values can make everything easier. They give us a framework to live by. Big decision to make? Check in with your values.Feeling guilty? Check in with your values. Feeling like you lack purpose? Check in with your values. It's almost too simple!

On the flip side, when we don't know our values it is very easy to act in ways that are disconnected to them, and then feel surprised when life isn't making us as happy as we'd hoped it would. Too often without clarity on our values we miss out on the things that matter to us, prioritise the things that don't and ultimately feel unfulfilled.

Working out 'what matters' may sound like it's just too simple to really have an impact. But it really, really does. I have seen it work, not only in my clients but also in myself (how do you think I worked out that I needed a career change).

So give your values some thought. You can download my free toolkit to help you work though them yourself. Or give me a shout and we can book in one of my 90 minute value sessions. I guarantee, things will feel simpler when your values are clear.

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